Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law


Advanced Technology – Advanced Terror

An Interdisciplinary Study on Disruptive Technology and The Rule of Law

Keywords disruptive technology, terrorism, rule of law, intervention, international criminal law
Authors Zénó Suller
Author's information

Zénó Suller
Zénó Suller: Ph.D. candidate, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest.
  • Abstract

      Today, we are witnessing a technological and scientific boom never seen before, whose changes and effects we cannot foresee. However, it is certain that technology will also be used for malicious purposes and violence. This study focuses on the threats advanced technology may pose to national and international security. It analyzes how disruptive technology may undermine social trust, public order and public safety. How will these innovations be used by terrorists and how will technology challenge existing legal concepts under international law? This paper seeks to answer the question whether international law can provide protection against individuals’ or states’ misuse of technology targeted against safety and freedom. Can the international community enforce the rule of law on the international level? Will advanced technology challenge our concepts on the contested notion of state terrorism and the legality of intervention against such states? Is the international legal regime resilient enough to cope with these new threats? Finally, this paper also covers the possible solutions of cyber-countermeasures and cyber-sanctions.

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