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De regering Tindemans, de partijen en het overleg onder de gemeenschappen

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Jan Ceuleers, "De regering Tindemans, de partijen en het overleg onder de gemeenschappen", Res Publica, 2, (1977):165-178

    1. Cabinet made small effort to start consultations between the communities. It left the initiative to the political parties and to Flemish employers (VEV, i.e. Flemish Economic Association).2. The president of the VEV played an active role bebind the curtains. He mediated between certain Flemish and Walloon political circles. He tried to get the Volksunie (i.e. the Flemish regional party) info the cabinet. He found himself sadly out in his reckoning on the Walloon side, because he overlooked the strong socialist opposition.3. The opposition Socialist Party overcame the deadlock by publishing a plan for the definitive state-reforms. Flemish, Walloon and Brussels socialists agreed to this plan. It became the beginning of negotiations between the communities, which started on November 30.4. The negotiations are difficult, mostly because the Walloons have no unified view on state-reforms.

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