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De profilering van Luc Van Den Brande

Kroniek van het politieke leven in Vlaanderen in 1993


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Guido Tastenhoye, "De profilering van Luc Van Den Brande", Res Publica, 3-4, (1994):283-192

    The year 1993 in Flanders will be remembered as the year in which the Flemish prime minister, Luc Van den Brande, builds himself a very sharp profile. He very explicitly occupies the new domains on which the Flemish authorities can now decide on their own policy. He clearly defends the economical interests of Flanders, even if this leads to conflicts with French-speaking Belgians and/or with unitarist Belgians. Van den Brande launches his project for thefuture ("Flanders-Europe 2002'') and promotes Flanders as a good place for economical investments. Within his own party, the CVP, he counterbalances the weight of the federal prime minister Jean-Luc Dehaene.

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