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Call for Manuscripts

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, 'Call for Manuscripts', (2012) The Dovenschmidt Quarterly 65-65

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      The Dovenschmidt Foundation and Eleven International Publishing are proud to present a new online, peer-reviewed journal entitled the Dovenschmidt Quarterly. The aim of our journal is to contribute to thinking and debate in the area of corporate law, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance by providing a platform for thought-provoking articles of a comparative and progressive nature. Contributions will be from a worldwide authorship representing various schools of thought. The target group of the Journal consists of academics, CEOs and CFOs as well as corporate counsels of multinational corporations.

      The journal will have a multi-disciplinary approach and cover the following topics: corporate law, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, regulation, law and economics, tax, accounting and labour. Articles will be written from various perspectives, fields of expertise and legal systems. A focal point will be the study of corporate structures with the corporation as its dominant representative in relation to corporate social responsible governance and social and technological innovation.
      Issues that will be addressed are, inter alia, the relationship between the corporation and its constituencies, analyses of the role of stakeholders, and assessment of regulation to shape transitions in the field of corporate law and corporate governance.

      Authors who are eligible for the journal should be experienced practitioners or scholars specialized in corporate law, corporate governance, regulation, law and economics, tax, accounting, labour law or other relevant areas that are of importance for the development of responsible governance. We also encourage the submission of interdisciplinary studies in the aforementioned fields of research.

    • Submission of Manuscripts

      All articles submitted will be double blind peer reviewed by two or more members of our board of reviewers consisting of a large number of scholars who are experts in the abovementioned fields. A journal style guide is available from the Publisher.

      Manuscripts should be submitted by email to the Managing Editor Dr M. Olaerts:

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