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European Employment Law Cases

European Employment Law Cases (EELC) predominantly publishes “case reports” and summaries of recent relevant judgments by the Court of Justice EU. The case reports are English language summaries of recent judgments by courts all over Europe on issues that can be relevant to practitioners of employment law, with commentaries both by the author and by lawyers from other countries. These can help your clients, reputation and court cases when knowing what the courts in other countries are doing. The journal, for instance, covers the topics of transfer of undertakings, discrimination (gender, age, disability, religion, etc.), working hours, maternity protection, fixed-term contracts, collective redundancies, privacy, paid leave, information and consultation, temporary agency work, and free movement.

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Editorial board EELC

Editorial board

James Davies, Zef Even (general editor), Ruben Houweling (general editor academic board), Effie Mitsopoulou, Luca Ratti (editor), Paul Schreiner, Andreea Suciu, Jan-Pieter Vos (editor), and Amber Zwanenburg (editor)