International Institute of Space Law

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Issue 1, 2011

A.G. Koroma

Irina Kerner
LL.M. (Edinburgh), Doctoral candidate, University of Cologne, Germany, irina.kerner@googlemail.com

Elena Carpanelli
Adv. LLM Air and Space Law, Leiden, The Netherlands, elena.carpanelli@gmail.com

Melissa K. Force
Adv. LLM Air and Space Law, Leiden, The Netherlands, MelissaKForce@aol.com

Tejal Thakore
Space Generation Advisory Council, UK, tee_thakore@yahoo.co.uk

Andrew Bacon
Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd, UK, andrew.bacon@sea.co.uk

Jinyuan Su
The Silk Road Institute for International and Comparative Law, School of Law, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, nnpercent@gmail.com

Lixin Zhu
PLA Air Force Engineering University, China, wztata@sina.com

Dr. Michael Chatzipanagiotis LL.M/
Attorney-at-Law, Athens, Greece, m_chatzipanagiotis@hotmail.com

Rong Du
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, elleaner@163.com

Mr. Aditya Sharma
National Law University, New Delhi, India, advocatus.aditya@gmail.com

Guillermo Javier Duberti
University of Belgrano at Buenos Aires and National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET) – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diego Zannoni
University of Padua, Italy