International Institute of Space Law


The Registration of Lunar Activities: Recommendations from the Registration Project

Keywords international space law, notification of space activities, registration of space objects, lunar governance
Authors Mark J. Sundahl en Antonino Salmeri
Author's information

Mark J. Sundahl
Cleveland State University, United States.

Antonino Salmeri
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
  • Abstract

      The obligation to share information regarding space activities and to register space objects on a public registry is a fundamental aspect of the law of outer space. As we enter a new era of space exploration focused on the use of celestial bodies, existing mechanisms under international space law – i.e. Article VIII OST, Resolution 1721 B (XVI) and the Registration Convention - need updating. These mechanisms were designed for the registration of space “objects” in Earth orbit, not space activities on celestial bodies, and did not consider the possibility of prospective submissions.
      The Registration Project was launched in 2021 as a joint venture between the Moon Village Association and the Global Space Law Center to discuss these very issues in an international group comprised of twenty-five experts in space law, business, engineering, and policy. The authors served as co-chairs of the Project, and wrote this paper to present its recommendations for improving existing law and practice in both the near and long-term, including a proposed template providing guidance for the submission of information regarding lunar activities.

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