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Eigen democratie eerst!

Een comparatief onderzoek naar het intern democratisch gehalte van de Vlaamse politieke partijen


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Jan Jagers, "Eigen democratie eerst!", Res Publica, 1, (2002):73-96

    In Flanders, the political scene is divided in two by the 'cordon sanitaire': none of the Flemish political parties want to make any political arrangement with the Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc), an extreme-right populistic party that is considered to be undemocratic. The undemocratic reproaches not only refer to the extreme-right ideology, but also point at the internal functioning of the Vlaams Blok. In this article we discuss the results of a comparative study of the articles ofassociation ofthe Flemish political parties. This study was set up to test the undemocratic reproaches by practical experience, and shows that the internal organisation ofthe Vlaams Blok reallyfunctions undemocraticly compared to the other Flemish political parties.

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