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Issue 4, 2013

Olavo de O. Bittencourt Neto
Catholic University of Santos, Brazil, olavo.bittencourt@usp.br.

Access_open Space Debris – Emerging Challenge, Common Concern and Shared Responsibility

Legal Considerations and Directions towards a Secure and Sustainable Space Environment

Authors Olga S. Stelmakh
Author's information

Olga S. Stelmakh
Senior Legal Adviser, Parliament of Ukraine, Ukraine, os@c-n-l.eu.

Olga Volynskaya
Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Russia, o.a.volynskaya@roscosmos.org.

Gennady Zhukov
Russian People’s Friendship University, Russia, zhukovgp@gmail.com.

Access_open Liability for Space Debris in the Framework of Private International Space Law

Authors Hamid Kazemi, Ali Akbar Golroo and Hadi Mahmoudi
Author's information

Hamid Kazemi
Aerospace Research Institute, Iran, h kazemi@ari.ac.ir.

Ali Akbar Golroo
Aerospace Research Institute, Iran, ali@ari.ac.ir.

Hadi Mahmoudi
Aerospace Research Institute, Iran, mahmoudi@ari.ac.ir.

V. Gopalakrishnan
Policy Analyst, Indian Space Research Organisation, Bangalore, India, gopal@isro. gov.in.

M.Y.S. Prasad
Director, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation, Sriharikota, India, mys@shar.gov.in.

Souichirou Kozuka
Gakushuin University, Japan, souichirou.kozuka@gakushuin.ac.jp.

Motoko Uchitomi
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan, uchitomi.motoko@jaxa.jp.

Hiroyuki Kishindo
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan, kishindo.hiroyuki@jaxa.jp.

Melissa K. Force
B.S. Ch.E., J.D., LLM, Adj. Professor, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California, USA, Force@MKForce.com.

Access_open Japanese Contribution to the Space Situational Awareness

Authors Yasuaki Hashimoto, Norihiro Sakamoto, Hirotaka Watanabe e.a.
Author's information

Yasuaki Hashimoto
Professor, The National Institute for Defense Studies, Japan

Norihiro Sakamoto
Former Research Fellow, Tokyo Foundation, Japan

Hirotaka Watanabe
Specially Appointed Researcher, Osaka University, Japan

Yukiko Kodachi
Independent Researcher, Japan

Xiaodan Wu
Law School, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China: unimixiaodanwu@gmail.com.