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La première décènnie du Parti Social Chrétien autonome


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Charle-Ferdinand Nothomb, "La première décènnie du Parti Social Chrétien autonome", Res Publica, 4, (1988):467-479

    The first ten years of the autonomous francophone Christian Democratic Party (PSC) in Belgium has pro and cons. Positive elements are the accession to power of a new generation of leaders, the reorganisation through more participation, clearer relations towards the flemish Christian Democratic Party (CVP), an open mind towards an acceptable regionalization, an active role in creating the European Christian Democratic Party and the restructuring of municipal government. Negative elements are the absence of a federal party-structure between PSC and CVP and of a satisfactory state reform, and the missing of a centrist project of handling the economic crisis and of a decentralization in favour of the local powers.

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