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Issue 4, 1995

A Universal Bill of Rights for Outer Space

Other Legal Matters

Authors C.Q. Christol

C.Q. Christol

S. Bhatt

Protocols to the Space Treaty

Other Legal Matters

Authors M.M. Esquivel de Cocca

M.M. Esquivel de Cocca

On Private, States and International Public Interests in Space Law

Other Legal Matters

Authors J. Monserrat Filho

J. Monserrat Filho

H.A. Wassenbergh

Two New National Space Laws: Russia and South Africa

Other Legal Matters

Authors F.G. von der Dunk

F.G. von der Dunk

Multilateral Verification Organizations: Case of WEU Satellite Centre

Other Legal Matters

Authors Y. Hashimoto

Y. Hashimoto

S. Gorove

Reservation of a Lunar Zone for SETI Purposes

Other Legal Matters

Authors A.A. Cocca

A.A. Cocca

G.L. Bennett

P.B. Larsen

A New Approach for the Debate on "Space Benefits" in the UNCOPUOS

Other Legal Matters

Authors M. Benkö and K. Schrogl

M. Benkö

K. Schrogl