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Registration Aspects of Mega-Constellations’ Satellites Under International Law


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    Operation of mega-constellations has become very popular in the private space industry recently. Big space companies like SpaceX or OneWeb have already started launching their satellites of mega-constellations for providing high-speed internet all over the world. For instance, satellite internet constellation ‘Starlink’ includes over 1,700 satellites; OneWeb has more than 400 satellites. Such space faring nations as China (Tianxian) and Russia (Sphere) also have plans of deployment megaconstellations.
    Mega-constellations have many advantages: comprehensive or local coverage of the Earth’s territory, multiple satellites simultaneously launch and the high technical performance of the whole constellation. This new applied space activity is very beneficial economically but from the legal point of view there could be some questions, one of them deals with registration process. Some of the registration aspects will be discussed in this paper from the point of international space law and telecommunication law view.

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