DOI: 10.5553/IISL/2022065007010

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NewSpace: The Star Wars Soldier of the Future?


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    Space has been used to support terrestrial military activities since the dawn of the space age. Since 1991, satellite navigation, imagery and communications, have taken a central role in terrestrial wars across the globe. However, the 2022 Russo-Ukraine war highlighted a new emerging reality. The space arena has historically been state-driven, now advances in technologies are enabling a wide range of non-state actors entrance into the space sector. The so called NewSpace is quickly gaining in importance, not only in the commercial sector, but by supplying military services and potentially influencing the outcome of inter-state conflicts as well. This article will provide a quick overview of international space law, particularly Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty, and the law of state neutrality, and significantly whether the former influences the latter by prescribing that states carry international responsibility for national activities in outer space.

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