DOI: 10.5553/IISL/2022065007009

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Legal Issues of Spacecraft Maneuvering with Artificial Intelligence

Comparative Study with the Japanese Regulations for Autonomous Driving Vehicles on the Ground

Keywords autonomous driving, liability, legal issue, HTV-X, accident, insurance

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    What are the legal issues to realize safe operation of spacecraft with Autonomous Intelligent Systems in space? Technological innovations on autonomous systems for space operations are developing rapidly, but the legal infrastructure to solve such AI operated spacecraft incidents and/or accidents has not yet been evolved. When considering new means of resolving legal disputes in space, a comparative study with the legal regulations for automated driving of automobiles on the ground would be helpful. This research reviews the current status of legislation regarding the auto-driven cars being undertaken in Japan and other countries and examine whether it can be invoked in space. A new safety standards and evaluation methods that correspond to the operation of the autonomous driving vehicle will need to be set. This paper introduces the discussions and explore the design of the legal system that could be applied to incidents/accidents of automatically operated spacecrafts.

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